To the Hifields family

As founder of HiFi and Hifields I have the unenviable task of announcing with a heavy heart to you, our extended community, that we have been left no choice but to postpone Hifields 2020. 

Our magical festival will now take place on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July 2021 at Chippenham Park, all tickets will be automatically rolled over to the 2021 event.

Our event this summer would have marked our 6th year of celebrating all things fun with you and would have been the first at our amazing new home.

We were planning to go bigger and better than ever before and it is devastating to have to put our dreams on hold.

Since that very first party, which was a handful of friends dancing together in a field at The Polo Club, we have invested every penny back into Hifields to ensure that your experience is amazing and unforgettable!

When we first set out to create our perfect party, we knew that there would be ups and downs, but we could never have imagined or planned for the situation that we are currently facing. 

We have worked through every alternative, it just isn’t possible to host a large-scale event as planned and at the level you have come to expect from us at Hifields, but more importantly where we were able to guarantee your safety. 


The next steps…

Without your help Hifields could soon be over, not just for this year, but forever.  

The Hifields community has always been what makes our party so special. We’ve felt your love and support from day one and even more so at this difficult time, thank you. 

As most of you know, Hifields is run by a small group of friends. We receive no sponsorship or funding, which ensures that we remain independent and enables us to maintain the community values we hold so dear. 

Unfortunately, this also means that there is no partner there to bail us out and we are not entitled to any funding offered by the government.

Some of you may ask why we didn’t have insurance in place? The fact is that we did and like so many other events across the world, the policy is void in the case of a pandemic.

Having invested significant funds into the 2020 festival on things such as, licensing, planning, marketing, insurance, production and deposits, we are left with a vast deficit.

We’re asking you, our party family, to come together by doing whatever you can to support our survival. 

We know in these circumstances that it is a huge ask, but now more than ever we need your support, by holding onto your ticket until next year’s event or donating if you possibly can.


Keeping your ticket

Your ticket along with travel package (if purchased) will be automatically rolled over to the 2021 event.

If you choose to do this, you will secure your attendance to our 2021 event and help to ensure that Hifields lives on beyond 2020 for many years to come, help all of our suppliers and the super talented individuals that we work with to keep on trading.

If you are able to keep your ticket, then you will receive free entry to our 'Keep On Dancing’ event that will take place as soon as Covid-19 permits.


Donating your ticket

To donate your ticket, simply do not request a refund for the 2020 event and purchase a new ticket for Hifields 2021.

Everyone that donates their ticket will have access to the 'Legends' area at Hifields 2021, they will also receive free entry to our 'Keep On Dancing’ event.

Donating and helping Hifields

If you haven’t yet purchased a ticket for Hifields 2020, but still want to help, or you are rolling over your ticket and are able to help us a little more, then we have set up a Go Fund Me campaign where you will be able to donate anything that you can to help us keep on dancing.

Everyone that donates £30 or more will have access to the 'Legends' area at Hifields 2021, they will also receive free entry to our 'Keep On Dancing’ event.

Back stage passes will be issued to everyone that donates their 2020 ticket and makes a donation to our Go Fund Me campaign.


Requesting a refund

We know that for some of you there is more financial pressure than ever before in these circumstances and in some cases this will be unavoidable. 

We completely understand and appreciate this, but if there is any way you can we ask you if at all possible, please hold onto your tickets.

To request a refund please email

There is 14 days from this announcement date to select one of the above options. Once this time elapses, all tickets will be rolled over to the 2021 event. 


Thank you

And finally, we’d just like to say thank you and that tell you how grateful we are for the love that you have shown us and everyone that has attended Hifields over the last 5 years. 

We are hopeful that we will be able to dance together again for many years to come!

Love from Tom and the Hifields family x

Hifields Festival Newmarket & Cambridge
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